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            The 2016 Half-Year Conclusion Was Held Sucessfully
            Time:2016/8/8 10:01:25 Visits: 


            From July 30 to August 3, a 5-day summary of the Foshan de nine new energy for half a year to a successful conclusion, the meeting chaired by the General Manager of Haiyan Wu.

            On in this summary of the meeting, heads of departments and staff personal summarizes the first, for the first half of the performance problems and put forward theirown views, and to plan and schedule the work of the second half of this year. Domestic sales department, everyone in the Sales Department for sales in the second halfto work out the task; Engineering Department for the second half of the distributedengineering, production technology, worked out a detailed plan of work; the Ministryof finance, warehouse, offices, workshops for the second half of the work is set outin detail the point, to break down the details of each job, that methods of work havemore operational. Completed 2016 goal we should all show Qi, the Conference laidthe Foundation for the successful completion of this year's tasks. At the meeting, General Manager of Haiyan Wu detailed reviews everyone's working conditions and status, but also hope and suggestions on each. Wu stressed: "company to the cell in the second half, components, distributed engineering sales. Currently our Suzhou branch, Engineering Technology Department, Ministry of foreign trade has been gradually enriched, I hope everyone can find their own position, should take the initiative topush everything, can't wait. 

            During this half year summary, the company also organized for middle-level cadresof hailing island expansion, colleagues, image and other activities. A two-day German sea Ling Island nine middle-level management personnel in developing membersbenefit from using employee as saying: we understand the good intentions of the company, let us grow up learning, learning in play. In remember brand of project in the, although is simple of run past turned brand remember brand, but in from early of planning, and coordination distribution, test with a groups and everyone of wisdom; in next of sand carved game in the, company personnel solidarity collaboration, carved company of name "DEJIU", everyone has mention water of, and has heap sand of, and has carved of, in everyone heart, and detailed of carved Xia, perfect rendering out has company of name, let employees in appreciate himself works of when, can body to and company with breathing total growth. In the activities of a number, sothat we learn to do their own thing, trusting. In addition to expansion of lively tension, employees really enjoy the sea with our happiness. "The image of your colleagues" competitions, all serious discussions to fill in, eventually voted for the advanced workers. Wu stressed that after the evaluation: "Hopefully, good performance to continue to develop, companies showcase their talent on the stage; no award and punishment of staff, companies hope to advance as an example, find their own inadequacies, keep pace with the company and grow with the company.