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          Guangdong De jiu new energy to participate in the Autumn Fair
          Time:2016/10/26 11:01:15 Visits: 


          Autumn Festival, the 120th Canton Fair scheduled to fall, the Ministry of Foreign Trade, Engineering carefully planned and actively prepared and participated in the Canton Fair. The import and export as a two-way to promote the platform, the company at this meeting to fully demonstrate the business style of domestic and foreign merchants.

          Guangdong Dejiu New Energy Co., Ltd., as a new energy enterprise, has been committed to the cause of energy saving and environmental protection since its inception. With the mission of "Let the sun benefit mankind, energy conservation and environmental protection is the foundation of human harmonious life". Have developed a "wind power complementary solar power generation system", "good stability of the solar cells," and so on more than 10 patents and more than 10 computer software copyright.

          In the Canton Fair, the company take full advantage of their own in the battery, components production, construction and other aspects of the advantages of the introduction of new products and new investment policy, new and old customers by the welcome and concern!