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          DE JIU new energy, guangdong maoming a Pig farm’s 1.5 MW project construction site
          Time:2016/12/23 17:27:13 Visits: 

          A pig farm in guangdong 1.5 MW photovoltaic (pv) grid power generation system, project is made up of guangdong's nine new energy co., LTD., design and construction, power plant with 10 kv access system. Site is located in a suburb of guangdong maoming pig farm. Site terrain, it is slow from southwest to northeast tilt, elevation between 320-450 meters of the site. Project battery components Choose's nine manufacturing polysilicon components 4200 pieces, 700 pieces of double glass components, through construction of 25 days, finish basic, waiting for the acceptance. Project is divided into pig production bases and pig promenade two parts, the project owners with a total investment of 12 million.