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                Dejiu solar 2016 elite team training
                Time:2017/1/18 20:45:28 Visits: 

                January 17, 2017, "Dejiu solar 2016 elite team training" officially started, to create first-class team, first-class sales and service, we study together, progress together, create new force for the company.

                2. This training planning by guangdong Dejiu solar co., LTD, we benefit a lot from this training, mainly sales, before learn to sell at the same time, we have to learn to improve their "energy and capacity". In today's society, "energy" has positive and negative, and we are learning is positive energy, we need to follow the positive energy, change the negative energy is the energy, stay away from the negative energy. Positive energy can make our team stronger, learn to "trust, accept, gratitude," away from "complaints, resist, jealousy, vanity, so our team is rapidly growing field, and then we give the ability to ascend, for our study made the foundation of perfect sales ability.

                3. The ability of sales skills are essential in today's society, to learn sales ability, it is a lifetime benefit. And sales ability is indispensable in our team, sales ability is also indispensable in every department, what is the core of sales? The answer is: "q". In the face of the customer, we will through the "q", to understand the needs of the customer behind, through every step of the deep "ask" so we are closer to the customer demand, the deepening of each step are "deal" with the customer from us one step closer.

                4. This training for us to build a good working platform, not only can improve the ability of our team, more can improve our personal ability, so that for our company to create more wealth, more opportunities, let us work together, together, create a first-class elite team.