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            Jingke energy and Huawei company together.Comprehensive beach households with photovoltaic market
            Time:2017/7/10 9:44:31 Visits: 

              The world's leading PV company Jingke Energy Co., Ltd. (NYSE: JKS) announced that the company and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. formally signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with distributed PV. The two sides announced that they will make full use of their respective advantages in photovoltaic components, photovoltaic solutions, photovoltaic systems management and other areas to start a comprehensive cooperation, to promote the sustainable development of distributed photovoltaic industry and technological progress.

              Jingke Energy and Huawei jointly indicate that the two sides will be in the field of distributed intelligent photovoltaic in-depth exchanges and cooperation, common beachhead with distributed market, to provide customers with the world's leading photovoltaic solutions for household use. The future, the two sides will be crystal Branch - Huawei double brand cooperation and promotion, to lead the technology to establish industry benchmark, establish a household PV industry leading brand.

              To further promote the photovoltaic industry, especially in the field of distributed photovoltaic healthy and sustainable development, the two sides will also jointly promote industry-related industry-related standards. As a leader in the domestic distributed photovoltaic industry, Jingke Energy has accumulated a wealth of technical and project experience in the field of distributed photovoltaic power generation. Therefore, the depth of cooperation with Huawei or China's distributed photovoltaic industry standards for the establishment and improvement to provide a breakthrough.

              Jingke Energy Co., Ltd. Chairman Li Xiande said: "In the national policy of strong support, distributed photovoltaic ushered in a comprehensive outbreak of the times, by 2020 or will achieve 60GW installed targets.Faced with this huge industry blue ocean, Jingke Energy has made all-round preparation, and is willing to join hands with Huawei and other outstanding partners to promote the large-scale application of distributed energy, to help China's energy supply side of the goal of reform.

              Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. said: "Huawei's achievements in customer-centric. Huawei and the world's major customers and partners to establish long-term comprehensive relations of cooperation, together to create an open and win-win global PV ecological chain. Development direction, Huawei and the Crystal Branch work together to create a family-oriented intelligent energy solutions to establish a field of distributed photovoltaic standards and lighthouse. Huawei will continue through continuous technological innovation, focus on industry forces, and strive to become the world A positive contributor to PV ecology that continues to create more value and a better experience for our customers. "

            DEJIUSOLAR new energy

               With the photovoltaic, election DEJIUSOLAR. DEJIUSOLAR specializes in the rapid development of the new energy industry, by the professional international management, sales and technical team for customers from around the world to provide services. Let the sun benefit mankind is the mission of new energy companies, energy conservation and environmental protection is the basis of human harmonious life. We will be committed to the development and application of solar energy, developed into the most outstanding and most influential business units, to promote China's sustained science and technology development and enhance competitiveness and make contributions.

              2011 Guangdong Dejiu New Energy Co., Ltd. was established, six solar modules production line began to run, become a set research and development, production, sales and service in one of the solar photovoltaic enterprises. I free research and development of more than 100 patents, is a state-level high-tech enterprises, provincial and municipal engineering and technology centers and enterprise R & D center, stock code: 220096; in the provision of quality products to customers improve the service and do a hundred years Quality products concept, and in the industry to obtain a good user reputation! Over the past two years, Germany and nine distributed power plant company "I and you illuminate a city, the sun make big money every month zero electricity" in the power station distributed this piece of my company has enjoyed a good degree of recognition and reputation, DEJIUSOLAR brand has become the first household power plant in South China brand. Products are exported to Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

              (DEJIUSOLAR) is currently the main production products: single, polycrystalline solar cells, solar panels (solar modules), solar controllers and special batteries; engaged in distributed photovoltaic grid-connected power generation system project investment, construction And the operation of the industrial chain services.