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                50 million roofs have 20% installed PV, it has been the fire to the point of it?
                Time:2017/7/13 9:30:52 Visits: 

                  "Thirteen five"energy transformation and upgrading of photovoltaic power generation industry to provide a new opportunity for rapid growth, especially in the most diversified photovoltaic.

                  "Energy Development" thirteen five "planning" requirements, "thirteen" during the non-fossil energy consumption accounted for more than 15%, the proportion of coal consumption should be less than 58%, clear the future of China's fossil energy as the main body, vigorously develop renewable Energy, give full play to its complementary role in the general direction.

                As the main force of renewable energy and build an important part of the complementary system, solar power was given the "responsibility." "Solar energy development" thirteen five "plan" and so on, by 2020 solar power installed capacity to 110GW, of which the distribution of 60GW.

                Distributed installed low proportion

                After more than 10 years of development, China has become the world's largest solar power generation. As of the end of 2016, China's total installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation capacity of 77.42GW, ranking first in the world. In terms of installed capacity and power generation, China's photovoltaic power generation ride away, but the per capita count is still less than Germany, Japan and the United States.

                  Senior PV people pointed out that the huge population base is China's per capita installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation is not one of Germany and other factors, another major reason is that China's distributed development seriously lagging behind, resulting in a very low per capita situation.

                  1, the global distribution accounted for 49%

                  Data show that as of the end of 2016, the global distributed photovoltaic installed capacity of up to 148GW, accounting for 49% of the total installed capacity.

                  2, China distributed accounted for 13.4%

                  In contrast, as of the end of 2016, China's distributed PV installed capacity of 10.38GW, in the total installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation 77.42GW only 13.40%, in the global distributed installed capacity of 7.01% in the global total installed capacity (super 300GW ) Accounted for 3.46%.

                  3, Germany distributed accounted for nearly 80%

                  China's distributed installed capacity of Germany, Japan and the United States and other photovoltaic power gap is greater. Data show that in the German photovoltaic power generation installed capacity, distributed accounted for close to 80%.

                  4, the United States accounted for 42.4%

                  US PV installed capacity is relatively balanced, centralized and distributed evenly divided. Data show that as of the end of June 2016, the US PV cumulative installed capacity reached 22.88GW, which distributed installed 9.69GW, accounting for 42.4%, centralized installed 13.19GW, accounting for 57.6%.

                  5, Japan distributed accounted for more than 80%

                  Japan vigorously promote the development of distributed, its distributed installed accounted for far ahead of other countries. Data show that Japan's distributed installed capacity in the total installed capacity of up to 80% or more.

                Distributed definition

                  Distributed refers to the voltage level of 35 kV or less, a single grid power in the 20 MW below the photovoltaic power plant project. Compared with the centralized large-scale ground power plant, distributed photovoltaic in the applicability, flexibility and practicality has certain advantages.

                  "Blossom is distributed, ground power plant thriving, and is not conducive to the healthy development of the entire photovoltaic industry, but also deviated from the new 10,000 into the main purpose." An industry big brother said, "re-focus, light distribution" The malpractice.

                The center of gravity tends to be distributed

                  Obviously, distributed and centralized go hand in hand, the formation of effective complementarity in the power supply, is the development of the road.

                For some provinces and autonomous regions, "abandoned light" phenomenon is prominent, as well as the convergence of indicators of photovoltaic land and other issues, the focus of China's PV development has begun to distributed tilt.

                  1, the market tilt

                From the market level, the distributed market in 2016 has quietly started. Data show that in 2016 distributed new installed capacity 4.24GW, than the new installed capacity in 2015 increased by 200%.

                  2, policy tilt

                  Policy level, the National Energy Board set by 2020 PV power installed target of 105GW, which distributed 60GW.

                  ccording to the cumulative installed capacity of 10.32GW, the next four years plans to install capacity of 49.68GW, equivalent to the annual installed capacity of 12.42GW. According to third-party agencies, "13th Five-Year Plan" during the distributed average annual growth rate of 58.17% PV.

                  In order to promote the development of distributed, the National Energy Board and other policy development departments have introduced a number of supporting the development of supporting policies and regulations. The national grid also speed up the rural power grid transformation efforts to solve the problem of distributed and difficult to worry about.

                  3, the ground power station tends to saturation

                Need to note that, based on China's PV installed capacity has reached 77.42GW, by 2020 installed target of 105GW, which distributed installed 60GW, large ground power station has no new quota.

                  However, in May, the National Energy Administration Comprehensive Division issued the "Notice on the Construction of the Advanced Technology Application Base for Photovoltaic Power Generation in 2017" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"), which opened the mystery of the tender plan for the ground power plant. "Notice" said, 

                  photovoltaic power generation advanced technology application base (leader + super leader) total size of 8-10GW, each base of the current construction scale of not less than 500MW, the largest 1GW.

                  Previously, China Photovoltaic Industry Association issued "China's photovoltaic industry development road map (2016 version)" (hereinafter referred to as "road map") is expected this year, the leading technology base installed capacity will reach 5.5GW.

                Distributed uplift

                  Ground power plant market tends to saturation, distributed will become an important promoter of the PV market, its share in China's PV installed capacity will also be gradually uplift. Senior analysts expect the next four years, China's ground power plant installed capacity will remain at 8-10GW level, and distributed every year there will be more than 10GW new, taking into account the 5GW PV Poverty Alleviation Project and 5GW or so Additional indicators, distributed will be "one-third of the world there."

                  1, centralized and distributed shift

                Ground power plant and distributed between the shift is the relationship between the National Energy Board in the first quarter of photovoltaic power generation construction and operation of information to become evidence.

                  Data show that the first quarter of 2017 China's photovoltaic power generation installed capacity of 7.21GW, centralized power plant new 4.78GW, down 23%; distributed new installed capacity of 2.43 GW, an increase of 151%. "Due to the presence of 6.30 rush, the second quarter of the ground power plant installed capacity may be strong growth, but with the end of 6.30, the distribution will usher in a sustained strong growth period." A senior PV said that in 2018 may not have 6.30 Said, the future of new energy to see photovoltaic, PV future depends on the distribution.

                  2, photovoltaic giant into the distributed

                  In fact, along with the transfer of the center of gravity, the major photovoltaic giants are in the beach distribution of blue ocean. According to incomplete statistics, Trina Solar, JA Solar, Yingli Group, Lin Yang Energy, Jingke Energy and Wuxi Suntech and other components giants, as well as the new people on behalf of the power station investors are sounded into the horn of home photovoltaic The As one of the main force of the distributed, the rise of the home PV market will help to improve the distributed proportion. Data show that China has 50 million roofs, of which 20% of the roof of the photovoltaic installed to 3 kilowatts per unit of the installed capacity to calculate the installed capacity will reach 30GW.

                  3, distributed accounted for up or up to three percent

                  An undeniable fact is that China's distributed installed capacity is low in the past.

                  A senior photovoltaic people on the energy news network that the ground power plant installed 10GW per year, will be installed by 2020 40GW, PVP 5GW each year, plus other additional indicators 5GW, by 2020 the cumulative installed 40GW, distributed to achieve 60GW installed target Projections, by 2020 the total installed capacity of China will reach 217.42GW. By then, the proportion of distributed installed capacity will reach 27.59%.

                  Although this forecast is higher than the current 13.40% level, but still far below the United States accounted for more than 40%.

                  A photovoltaic enterprise executives said that from the distributed development trends and the situation point of view, China's distributed installed capacity will continue to increase, short-term to Germany, Japan accounted for less than the level of reality, but by 2020 to achieve about 30% The proportion should be ignored.

                  Look at the field of tomorrow's photovoltaic, was actually the world of the people? Sitting on the outlet of the distributed, in full swing home photovoltaic, is constantly talking with the facts!

                (From Energy News)

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