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            Talking about the reason why distributed photovoltaic power generation is vigorously promoted after the "13th Five - Year Plan"
            Time:2017/7/14 14:12:24 Visits: 

            Following the "thirteen five" plan, the photovoltaic power generation is vigorously supported, which distributed home photovoltaic power generation-led, then why should vigorously promote the distributed photovoltaic power generation? What benefits it can bring it?

            First, the transformation of energy structure

              As a result of large-scale development and utilization of fossil fuels over the years, leading to resource constraints, environmental pollution, climate change and a series of difficulties, the importance of energy structure changes increasingly prominent!

              The eyes of the world gradually turned to the nature of the "green energy", such as solar energy, wind energy, water and other clean renewable energy. To "clean energy-based, fossil energy, supplemented by" as the goal, in the country to support the development of a step by step is being achieved. But the wind energy, water and other green energy because of the site conditions and natural conditions are relatively high, so solar energy is more suitable for urban development. Only the roof and the sun will be able to generate electricity, which is definitely the best choice for home power stations!

            Second, save money more money

              First of all, from the perspective of saving money to start. Computer, water heater, air conditioning, range hood, LCD TV ... ... This is the standard of ordinary household appliances. Naturally, the electricity consumption is inevitable. After the installation of photovoltaic power plants, household electricity from solar energy, greatly reducing the electricity bill.

              Secondly, how can we make money? That would benefit from the country's strong support for the considerable subsidies. At present, the family of distributed photovoltaic commonly used "self-use, self-power Internet" model. Up to 20 years of subsidy time, the state subsidy 0.42 yuan / degree. Coupled with local subsidies around the policy, the yield rate of about 15%, the income is indeed considerable! People concerned about the monthly or quarterly tariffs and subsidies, will be paid through the grid company, directly into the owner of the bank card, very Reliable and reliable!

              In addition, the family of distributed photovoltaic also has an additional invincible skills - cooling insulation. Because the solar panel itself, the endothermic properties to ensure that the roof itself is not subject to sun exposure, then the house will maintain a relatively cool temperature, to achieve a real power saving effect. So in the summer 35 degrees high temperature, with a distributed photovoltaic insulation, the indoor temperature instantly dropped to 30 degrees. Save large power consumption air conditioning fees, and instantly a lot of monthly bills.

            Third, change the environmental pollution

              With the recent years, the emergence of extreme weather, haze, Shacheng storm raging. Environmental problems become more and more we can not ignore the problem! Coal as the main force of energy over the years, to our environment has also brought a lot of damage. And good industrial economy will be the formation of extensive and in-depth cluster effect, such as the world's fat paper are losing weight, so the gym, vegetable salad, low-fat milk and other industrial economy will be particularly thriving.

             The corresponding photovoltaic is also the case, it changed the human long-term energy structure, cut off the dominance of coal, so that a completely zero emissions of clean standards, so that the whole earth will not be a variety of gases and harmful substances , So how can the energy full of resources can not be sought after and use it!

            Fourth, the standard roof

              In the past, in the design of family buildings, people tend to pursue a sophisticated structure, complex European style, in the decoration is always blind pursuit of luxury retro style. But with the minimalist style of the wind and windows more and more sought after, the new home building design standards began to produce, such as innovative roof solar power system.

              In the country, the building is basically a single-family housing, surrounded by relatively open, there is no shelter, so the roof area of the building to get the maximum range of use, people from environmental protection and energy conservation after consideration, began to gradually reform the roof design, Of the inclined roof or flat roof began to completely replace the previous European-style multi-roof windows roof, which for the installation of solar power systems to provide the most basic space.

              This trend of fashion decoration has also been blowing to the other side of the ocean in China, more and more families have chosen solar power system for the roof of the standard. Distributed photovoltaic roof not only to promote the owner of the green concept of the house, but also highlight the owner of the fashion taste.

            Fifth, the new investment means to lower costs, lower risk

              If the early large-scale investment is to stop the popularity of the family spread of the last stumbling block, then the PV financing lease is clear the last obstacles to the pioneers.

              The above is the reason why the distribution is vigorously promoted, both to protect the environment and can save money, but also spontaneous use, these five reasons will be the fundamental reason for distributed photovoltaic power generation!(From the sunshine artisan photovoltaic network)

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